Helpful Hints

"Tips for Making Videos that Help Promote your Book"

  • In general, keep your video around 90 seconds. Previews are intended to provide just enough of the highlights to leave a reader wanting more.
  • Don't skimp on the music. Create or buy music appropriate for your project. Avoid looping very short music clips throughout the entire video.
  • Make sure your video is not pixelated.
  • If you include a voiceover make sure it is a high quality recording.
  • Get feedback on your scripts. The message should be compelling. Use words that evoke clear images. Vague words or confusing phrases can ruin an otherwise good video.
  • Do not use the cover image as the sole source of imagery for your video.
  • Simply using text and setting it to music will not earn a place on this channel.
  • Mainly we look for originality and video that sparks interest in the book.
  • Remember that a good quality video will go a long way toward creating a favorable and lasting impression of your book.
We respect the rights of artists. Please do not use any graphics, text or music that is copyright protected unless you have permission from the copyright holder.

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