Joyce Shaughnessy
A Healing Place
Mary Ellis
Abigail's New Hope
Elaine Russell
Across the Mekong River
Kathy Hepinstall
Blue Asylum
Chris Fabry
Borders of the Heart
Lisa Jackson
Born to Die
Linda Lea Castle
By King's Command
Sandra Farris
Can You Hear The Music?
Gabrielle Arrowsmith Arrowsmith
Concealed in the Shadows
Randy Alcorn
Massimo Marino
Jeff Korte
Beverly Barton
Dead By Morning
Richard Finney
Demon Days
Marianne Evans
Warren L. Woodruff
Dr. Fuddle and The Gold Baton
T. Rae Mitchell
Fate's Fables
Jock Miller
Fossil River
Victoria Alexander
His Mistress by Christmas
Melody Carlson
Hometown Ties
Stephens Gerard Malone
I Still Have A Suitcase In Berlin
Karma Wilson
If I Were a Mouse
Diana Greenwood
Michelle Meadows
Itsy Bitsy Baby Mouse
Todd Gongwer
Lead...for God's Sake!
Jerry Jenkins
Left Behind
Stephen Arterburn
Life Recovery Bible
Zack Parsons
Liminal States
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