Title: A Healing Place
Author: Joyce Shaughnessy
Type: Print Ebook

The Miller Family is caught in the midst of the Great American Depression, lose their home, and search for a home to raise their three daughters. They find one in the oilfields of West Texas. Their son-in-law is caught in WWII in the Philippines, must walk the Death March and becomes a Japanese POW for three years. Jed is starved, beaten, and ill. He finds his healing place in the power of prayer. Read how this family, among the Greatest Generation, survives during these terrible trials that fate has brought their way.

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A Healing Place
by Joyce Shaughnessy

Reviews & Excerpts
Molly said, "Maybe now someone will listen and help us. God knows we need all the help we can get. I feel so useless against what is happening to us. We probably won't have to worry about it much longer. We'll probably be evicted anyway."
With that, Molly sat on her rocking chair out of pure exhaustion and prayed for help from anyone. Something had to change or they would all starve to death, covered in a blanket of dirt.
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